Extension Registry for the Extensible Provisioning Protocol

This RFC 7451 was published in 2015.


The Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) includes features to add functionality by extending the protocol.
It does not, however, describe how those extensions are managed.
This document describes a procedure for the registration and management of extensions to EPP, and it specifies a format for an IANA registry to record those extensions.

RFC 7451 introduction

Domain name registries implement a variety of operational and business models.
The differences in these models make it impossible to develop a "one size fits all" provisioning protocol; the Extensible Provisioning Protocol [RFC5730] was designed to focus on a minimal set of common functionality with built-in extension capabilities that allow new features to be specified on an "as needed" basis.
Guidelines for extending EPP are documented in RFC 3735 [RFC3735].

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