RFC 7416

This RFC 7416 was published in 2015.


This document presents a security threat analysis for the Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks (RPLs).
The development builds upon previous work on routing security and adapts the assessments to the issues and constraints specific to low-power and lossy networks.
A systematic approach is used in defining and evaluating the security threats.
Applicable countermeasures are application specific and are addressed in relevant applicability statements.

RFC 7416 introduction

In recent times, networked electronic devices have found an increasing number of applications in various fields.
Yet, for reasons ranging from operational application to economics, these wired and wireless devices are often supplied with minimum physical resources; the constraints include those on computational resources (RAM, clock speed, and storage) and communication resources (duty cycle, packet size, etc.) but also form factors that may rule out user-access interfaces (e.g., the housing of a small stick-on switch) or simply safety considerations (e.g., with gas meters).
As a consequence, the resulting networks are more prone to loss of traffic and other vulnerabilities.
The proliferation of these Low-Power and Lossy Networks (LLNs), however, are drawing efforts to examine and address their potential networking challenges.
Securing the establishment and maintenance of network connectivity among these deployed devices becomes one of these key challenges.

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