RFC 7406

This RFC 7406 was published in 2014.


This document provides a problem statement, introduces terminology, and describes an extension for the base IETF emergency services architecture to address cases where an emergency caller is not authenticated, has no identifiable service provider, or has no remaining credit with which to pay for access to the network.

RFC 7406 introduction

Summoning police, the fire department, or an ambulance in emergencies is one of the fundamental and most-valued functions of the telephone.
As telephony functionality moves from circuit-switched telephony to Internet telephony, its users rightfully expect that this core functionality will continue to work at least as well as it has for the older technology.
New devices and services are being made available that could be used to make a request for help; those devices are not traditional telephones, and users are increasingly expecting them to be able to place emergency calls.

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