A Media-Based Traceroute Function for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

This RFC 7403 was published in 2014.


SIP already provides the ability to perform hop-by-hop traceroute for SIP messages using the Max-Forwards header field to determine the reachability path of requests to a target.
A mechanism for media- loopback calls has also been defined separately, which enables test calls to be generated that result in media being looped back to the originator.
This document describes a means of performing hop-by-hop traceroute-style test calls using the media-loopback mechanism to test the media path when SIP sessions go through media-relaying back- to-back user agents (B2BUAs).

RFC 7403 introduction

In many deployments, the media for SIP-created sessions does not flow directly from the originating User Agent Client (UAC) to the answering User Agent Server (UAS).
Often, SIP B2BUAs in the SIP signaling path also insert themselves in the media plane path by manipulating Session Description Protocol (SDP), either for injecting media such as rich ringtones or music-on-hold or for relaying media in order to provide functions such as transcoding, IPv4-IPv6 conversion, NAT traversal, Secure Realtime Transport Protocol (SRTP) termination, media steering, etc.

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