A Commentary on Procedure Calling as a Network Protocol

This RFC 684 was published in 1975.


connect, and hence they cannot be utilized in some useful ways (e.g.
to carry non PCP messages).
Also with respect to treating communication paths as objects, there is no concept of passing a communication path to an inferior (or an acquaintance), without having to create a new "connection" (whether or not this turns out to be a physical channel).
The ability to pass communication paths is often useful in subcontracting requests to inferior processes.
To do this within PCP requires the cooperation of the calling process (i.e.
to use the new connection handle), which again seems to violate the concepts of modular programming.
The alternative approach in PCP is to have the superior relay the subsequent communications to its created inferior, but the effort involved would probably prohibit the use of this technique for subcontracting.

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