Base Deployment for Multicast Listener Support in Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) Domains

This RFC 6224 was published in 2011.


This document describes deployment options for activating multicast listener functions in Proxy Mobile IPv6 domains without modifying mobility and multicast protocol standards.
Similar to home agents in Mobile IPv6, Local Mobility Anchors of Proxy Mobile IPv6 serve as multicast subscription anchor points, while Mobile Access Gateways provide Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) proxy functions.
In this scenario, mobile nodes remain agnostic of multicast mobility operations.
Support for mobile multicast senders is outside the scope of this document.

RFC 6224 introduction

Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) [RFC5213] extends Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) [RFC3775] by network-based management functions that enable IP mobility for a host without requiring its participation in any mobility-related signaling.
Additional network entities, called the Local Mobility Anchor (LMA) and Mobile Access Gateways (MAGs), are responsible for managing IP mobility on behalf of the mobile node (MN).

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