Segmented Pseudowire

This RFC 6073 was published in 2011.


This document describes how to connect pseudowires (PWs) between different Packet Switched Network (PSN) domains or between two or more distinct PW control plane domains, where a control plane domain uses a common control plane protocol or instance of that protocol for a given PW.
The different PW control plane domains may belong to independent autonomous systems, or the PSN technology is heterogeneous, or a PW might need to be aggregated at a specific PSN point.
The PW packet data units are simply switched from one PW to another without changing the PW payload.

RFC 6073 introduction

The PWE3 Architecture [RFC3985] defines the signaling and encapsulation techniques for establishing Single-Segment Pseudowires (SS-PWs) between a pair of terminating PEs.
Multi-Segment Pseudowires (MS-PWs) are most useful in two general cases:

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