The OSPF Opaque LSA Option

This RFC 5250 was published in 2008.


This document defines enhancements to the OSPF protocol to support a new class of link state advertisements (LSAs) called Opaque LSAs.
Opaque LSAs provide a generalized mechanism to allow for the future extensibility of OSPF.
Opaque LSAs consist of a standard LSA header followed by application-specific information.
The information field may be used directly by OSPF or by other applications.
Standard OSPF link-state database flooding mechanisms are used to distribute Opaque LSAs to all or some limited portion of the OSPF topology.

RFC 5250 introduction

Over the last several years, the OSPF routing protocol [OSPF] has been widely deployed throughout the Internet.
As a result of this deployment and the evolution of networking technology, OSPF has been extended to support many options; this evolution will obviously continue.

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