The 'text/html' Media Type

This RFC 2854 was published in 2000.


This document summarizes the history of HTML development, and defines the "text/html" MIME type by pointing to the relevant W3C recommendations; it is intended to obsolete the previous IETF documents defining HTML, including RFC 1866, RFC 1867, RFC 1980, RFC 1942 and RFC 2070, and to remove HTML from IETF Standards Track.

RFC 2854 introduction

HTML has been in use in the World Wide Web information infrastructure since 1990, and specified in various informal documents.
The text/html media type was first officially defined by the IETF HTML working group in 1995 in [HTML20].
Extensions to HTML were proposed in [HTML30], [UPLOAD], [TABLES], [CLIMAPS], and [I18N].

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