Internet Security Glossary

This RFC 2828 was published in 2000.


This Glossary (191 pages of definitions and 13 pages of references) provides abbreviations, explanations, and recommendations for use of information system security terminology.
The intent is to improve the comprehensibility of writing that deals with Internet security, particularly Internet Standards documents (ISDs).
To avoid confusion, ISDs should use the same term or definition whenever the same concept is mentioned.
To improve international understanding, ISDs should use terms in their plainest, dictionary sense.
ISDs should use terms established in standards documents and other well-founded publications and should avoid substituting private or newly made-up terms.
ISDs should avoid terms that are proprietary or otherwise favor a particular vendor, or that create a bias toward a particular security technology or mechanism versus other, competing techniques that already exist or might be developed in the future.

RFC 2828 introduction

This Glossary provides an internally consistent, complementary set of abbreviations, definitions, explanations, and recommendations for use of terminology related to information system security.
The intent of this Glossary is to improve the comprehensibility of Internet Standards documents (ISDs)--i.e., RFCs, Internet-Drafts, and other material produced as part of the Internet Standards Process [R2026]-- and of all other Internet material, too.
Some non-security terms are included to make the Glossary self-contained, but more complete lists of networking terms are available elsewhere [R1208, R1983].

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